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The international crypto community established on 5 continents and in more than 25 countries.

We are looking for copywriters, content creators, journalists and passionate about cryptocurrencies. Work with us Earn rewards and benefits for life. Bunker Life Club offers you the possibility to create content and share it on (social networks, communities and groups) to generate income in Vetchain (VET).

All the content written and published will have tracking tags to be able to calculate the benefits obtained individually with the Google Adsense programs … and pay a reward when it reaches $ 20

When the rewarded $ 500 is reached, we will give you 1 share in the Bunker Life Club cryptocurrency investment fund. This investment fund generates profits for life and distributes profits every 3 months.

Lawyers – We are bringing together lawyers from the 5 continents to have advice, resolve incidents and be able to hire their services for any type of legal management. If you are a lawyer or represent a law firm expert in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, contact us.

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