What is cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrency trading‘ consists of buying and selling cryptoassets that have market liquidity (tokens, nft and futures). Trading is based on buying a cryptoasset to sell it at a higher price or selling a cryptoasset to buy it for a lower price. You can trade in Coinbase  and  Binance

Every month cryptocurrency trading signals

Don’t miss the Trading signals in the news  section or find them in the Tag Trading

How are trading profits distributed?

50% of the profits obtained by Bunker Life Club from the monthly cryptocurrency trading investments are destined to increase the liquidity of the Launchpool.

20% of the profits you earn from monthly Cryptocurrency Trading investments go to buy BNB to increase the investment volume of the Vault and 30% USDT to increase the investment volume of Launchpad.

Trading de criptomonedas Bunker Life Club

Liquidez inicial – 101 USDT Liquidez anterior – 150 USDT     

Current liquidity – 180 USDT

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