Token Casini refereed by Ferrer and Bonsoms

Ferrer-Bonsoms and Sanjurjo Abogados, is the law firm hired by Luis Angel (CEO of token Casini and Bunker Life Club). Twitter : Website :

Ferrer-Bonsoms and Sanjurjo Abogados, is a leading blockchain law firm, experts in reporting on tokens, supervising them in accordance with the law and founding member of BAS (Blockchain Arbitration Society)

Luis Angel (CEO token Casini) is the first associate member of the BAS (Blockchain Arbitration Society). The BAS will resolve any conflicts with users with private arbitrators who are experts in crypto. In this way, the Casini token project and the active projects of the Bunker life Club platform will provide an additional guarantee for the user. These arbitration awards may be executed by practically all the courts of first instance in the world.

Ferrer Bonsoms and Sanjurjo Abogados, are partners in the first issue of a DeFi “STO” in Spain, “BambooDeFi”. That it is a DeFi platform of global reference, used to exchange, save and cultivate cryptocurrencies with the best possible Ratio, without jeopardizing the stability of the project and taking advantage of well-tested and audited protocols.

“Ferrer Bonsoms and Sanjurjo Abogados”

We are helping Luis Angel CEO of token Casini to create a Blockchain Legal community (Bunker life Club) for the creation of ICO projects arbitrated through the BAS (Blockchain Arbitration Society)

BambooDeFi member and founder of the BAS (Blockchain Arbitration Society) associated in the Blockchain Legal community (Bunker Life Club) for the creation of arbitrated ICO projects.



Originally posted 2021-08-31 10:51:56.

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Jimmy Casini 공동 CEO en TOKEN CASINI CSN ERC-20. Founder Bunker Life Club Is a 1º Member of Blockchain Arbitration Society.

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