The Blockchain Arbitration Society

The Blockchain Arbitration Society (BAS) is a group of professionals with international experience in the legal sector who have seen technology as a powerful alternative to simplify business relationships and dispute resolution for our clients.

Meet all the members of the blockchain arbitration society and read all the interviews with the members of this crypto community.


Ferrer Bonsoms & Sanjurjo associated to the Bunker Life Club project and founders of the Blockchain arbitration society. Here is the firsts interview with Ferrer-Bonsoms & Sanjurjo lawyer, founding partner of the Blockchain Arbitration Society.


Bunker Life CLub 1st member of the Blockchain arbitration society, helps and works together with the team of the BAS (Blockchain arbitration society) in the tasks of creation and dissemination of content.

In the Blockchain environment there are many things to be done, but it is certainly necessary to create a system of regulation and arbitration in order to establish legal trade between companies.

Bunker Life Club is the 1st member of the Blockchain arbitrage and partner in the development of sports projects with the founders of BAS. Our goal goes beyond the Blockchain community of Spanish-speaking Latinos, we are working hard to establish our projects in the 5 continents.



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Jimmy Casini 공동 CEO en TOKEN CASINI CSN ERC-20. Founder Bunker Life Club Is a 1º Member of Blockchain Arbitration Society.

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