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Expert Solidity programmers to develop smart contracts for the Ethereum network. We are a group of consolidated companies in the Spanish Blockchain market with extensive experience in the Solidity language. We develop clean code applications for the Ethereum network and audit the projects carried out with the blockchain arbitration society. Design of BEP20 smart contracts and launches at BSC.  


Solidity is one of the programming languages on the Etherium network, this language is very similar to javascript and is applied on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).




The question everyone asks when creating a smart contract is: will the contract be done right? Will it have malicious code? Our group of companies is made up of expert Blockchain lawyers and Solidity developers, this guarantees you and gives you the security of having a well-made product.


Hiring our Solidity programmers guarantees you to be well informed of the legality and to be a member of the Blockchain Arbitration Solidity during the first 12 months from the signing of the contract.

Who develops the applications in the solidity language?


NexxyoLabs developers solidity is one of the partners of the Bunker Life Club project and founders of the Blockchain Arbitration Society. We have several companies linked to the group with which we can solve any type of project, from crypto payment platforms to crypto NFT video games.

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We are a group of companies that offer the widest variety of services for the development of your project. Expert Blockchain lawyers, developers of solidity programming, cryptographic advice and online marketing.

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Jimmy Casini 공동 CEO en TOKEN CASINI CSN ERC-20. Founder Bunker Life Club Is a 1º Member of Blockchain Arbitration Society.

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