Buy NFT at OPENSEA and get entries in the Bunker Life Club NFT lottery.

The Bunker Life Club NFT lottery is limited by color and reference number, all created NFTs will be assigned to a color and referenced in OPENSEA. Find the reference and its color in the description.

How many shares do I get for buying NFT in OPENSEA?

Bunker Life Club has created a participation scale to distribute according to the NFT purchased. Get more shares to win more prizes and rewards.

Scale of participation in the NFT OPENSEA Lottery

1 NFT 0.2 ETH = 10 shares


1 NFT from 0.1 ETH to 0.199 ETH = 5 shares


1 NFT from 0.001 ETH to 0.099 ETH = 1 shares



Bunker Life Club works and invests in Binance services. All prizes and rewards will be distributed in the BNB cryptocurrency


1 PRIZES $ 5,000 + 1 participation in cryptocurrency investment fund


3  PRIZES 750 $ + 3 participation in cryptocurrency investment fund


5 PRIZES 100 $ + 5 participation in cryptocurrency investment fund



When is the lottery held?

Bunker Life Club will carry out the lottery 48 hours after the sale of all the NFTs created by reference color.

How many colors and number of NFTs created are there currently? How many active lotteries are there?

  • BLUE  (  71 NFT included in Lottery )
  • BLACK ( in preparation )


Where are the winners published?

Bunker Life Club will publish an article with the winners, share it on all social networks and create a link in this section so that the winners can be known quickly and easily.

How to participate in the NFT lottery?

You just have to fill in the following contact form with all the requested information



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