What is Launchpool ? How does Binance Launchpool work ?

The Launchpool is a Binance service that allows you to use BNB, BUSD and other tokens to earn rewards for 30 days on Staking . Rewards are earned from the cryptocurrency promoted in the Launchpool. The operation of Binance Launchpool is very simple, you will only have to block in Staking for 30 days your tokens to get benefits. After these 30 days you get your tokens and rewards back.


Binance Launchpool signals every month

Don’t miss the Launchpools in the news section or find them in the TagLaunchpool Binance

Bunker Life Club investment fund invests in Binance’s LaunchPools


How are the benefits of the Launchpool distributed?

100% of the profits that Bunker Life Club earns from monthly investments in the Binance Launchpool are used to repurchase BNB to increase the investment volume of Launchpad.

Bunker Life Club increases the Launchpool’s liquidity every 30 days through trading investments and the Google Adsense program.

Initial liquidity – 101 BUSD Previous liquidity – 121BUSD 

Current liquidity – 182 BSUD


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