Jimmy Casini

Jimmy Casini is an artist creator of digital content from the city of Valencia Spain. He is the founder of the Bunker Life Club platform.

Artist : Jimmy Casini TIKTOKER – Follow me https://www.tiktok.com/@jimmy.casini

Introducing the NFTs gallery of artist Jackie Herer in https://opensea.io/collection/jimmy-casini


Buy NFT at OPENSEA and get entries in the Bunker Life Club NFT lottery. – https://bunkerlifeclub.com/en_US/lottery-nft/



Buy Jimmy Casini NFT and we will give you from 500 CSN to 10,000 CSN (ERC20 Token Casini – https://tokencasini.com/ in the Moon)


Claim your Token CSN

Token Casini obtains 10% of the profits from the sale of the NFTS of the Opensea – Bunker Life Club platform.  


This 10% of the profits are used to increase the liquidity of Token Casini.

DEXTOOLS WETH/CSN https://www.dextools.io/app/ether/pair-explorer/0x429e82b2626562c8347ca14f558453aa0c828cb2

You can learn more about the Casini token and other projects in section  ICO

Bunker Life Club partner of Jimmy Casini

Visit the Telegram group https://t.me/bunkerlifeclub

CryptoMoonSpanish https://t.me/CryptoMoonSpanish

TOKEN CASINI OFFICIAL https://t.me/tokencasini

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All NFTs of Cooking Recipes created by Jimmy Casini published in Bunker Life Club (OPENSEA)

Sweet Apples – https://bunkerlifeclub.com/en_US/sweet-apples/

Rice with prawns and mussels – https://bunkerlifeclub.com/en_US/rice-with-prawns-and-mussels/

Meatloaf Rain – https://bunkerlifeclub.com/en_US/meatloaf-rain/

Carnivorous spaghetti – https://bunkerlifeclub.com/en_US/carnivorous-spaghetti/

White rice with spinach omelette – https://bunkerlifeclub.com/en_US/white-rice-with-spinach-omelette/

Garlic and monkfish – https://bunkerlifeclub.com/en_US/garlic-and-monkfish/

1st NFT Posted by Jimmy Casini https://bunkerlifeclub.com/en_US/valencian-paella/


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Jimmy Casini 공동 CEO en TOKEN CASINI CSN ERC-20. Founder Bunker Life Club Is a 1º Member of Blockchain Arbitration Society.

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