How was the launch of Fan token Lazio?

Lazio fan token was launched on October 21 and like every month we made the launchpad in Binance and then we made the purchase of the tokens at the launch.


Lazio fan token had a value of $ 1 on the launchpad and more finishing the launchpad got a price of $ 20.45. By investing BNB in the launchpad you get a few Lazio tokens totally free. Which you can sell 2 hours later at the Lazio Fan token launch. Which is good enough to make a profit without risk.

At the launch of Fan token Lazio entered the market with an already established rise value of + 2207% of profits above the value of $ 1 established in Launchpad.



Once the exit value was exceeded and the green candles appeared, we have sold the Lazio Fan token and divided the profits into 3 parts. PART 1 to buy BNB and increase investment capital for the next Binance launchpads, PART 2 for Casini token liquidity and 3rd for Bunker Life Club Project partners.


We hope to see if it went up a bit more, but it did not with what we made $ 60 of profit in the range of 1 hour from launch. Every month we dedicate a couple of articles to binance investments, follow us on telegram –

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