How to report cryptocurrency scam in Spain?

Hello Family, my name is Luis Angel CEO of Token Casini, I am a developer of cryptographic projects and today we are going to talk about cryptocurrency scams and fraudulent activities in the Blockchain world.


Since we started as crypto developers we have seen all kinds of criminal and fraudulent activities, we have even fallen into some. That is why this article and many more that we are about each of the illegal activities they carry out.

Today we have made the decision to proceed to the pertinent complaints against a group of people who are scamming and using the names of other companies to create parallel environments of existing projects to scam.

Within this parallel environment, a group of people (possibly a criminal gang) participate and carry out different crimes to make a profit by deceiving people.

How to report Blockchain industry scammers from Spain?

The first thing we have to do is collect all the information we have. Names, phone numbers, emails, screenshots, conversations, IP addresses, photos, social networks, website and even suspicious people.

Now we have two options to make the complaint, go to the state bodies (National Police / Civil Guard) or hire a lawyer to proceed to write the corresponding complaint.


We have hired Ferrer Bonsom & Sanjurjo lawyers to handle this complaint against scammers. Ferrer Bonsoms & Sanjurjo Abogados is a member and founder of BAS (Blockchain arbitration association) which will validate the project and all the legitimate channels of Token Casini.


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