The cryptocurrency investment fund Bunker Life Club

( Increases liquidity every 30 days )

Initial liquidity – 3 BNB Previous liquidity – 3.30 BNB       

Current liquidity – 3.79 BNB

Earn lifetime profits by participating in Bunker Life Club’s cryptocurrency investment fund. The investment fund distributes profits every 90 days.

Number of current inverters : 3

1st Investment fund earnings report

October 2021 – 178 (VET) November 2021 – ? (VET) December 2021 – ? (VET)

Profit sharing per share – ? (VET)

1st Quarter – Participants : 3

Bunker Life Club is the 1st member of the Blockchain Arbitration Society.

Rewards 500 CSN welcome

Bunker Life Club has its own cryptocurrency from the ethereum network ( Token Casini CSN ERC20 ) is the main asset of its network of cryptographic projects. You can learn more about all the projects we are working on in the section ICO.

What methods does the investment fund use to provide liquidity?

Bunker Life Club cryptocurrency investment fund offers you to recover your investment and get lifetime profits. Currently we make “safe crypto investments” being the main method the Launchpad and the liquidity feedback through legitimate reward programs and Google Adsense advertising systems in which Bunker Life Club participates.

Google Adsense




We also use the following methods:

Free cryptocurrencies –

Airdrops –

Lear and earn


How much is 1 participation in a cryptocurrency investment fund worth?

Price 1 BNB = 1 participation

How is the 1 BNB distributed ?

105 BUSD is purchased and allocated to the investments of the Launchpool

0.1 BNB is allocated to the Vault

50$ of BNB is sold and kept to repurchase BNB when there is a crack (price drop).

The remaining BNB is allocated to the Launchpad.

What benefits do I get with the cryptocurrency investment fund?


How to invest in a cryptocurrency investment fund ?

To invest in the Bunker Life Club cryptocurrency investment fund you will have to purchase a share on the official Token Casini website and follow the steps described.

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