Automata network ( ATA ) Airdrop

Automata Network ( ATA ) es un token de utilidad ERC20, Automata Network. Privacy middleware in a multi-chain era. Privacy Middleware for dApps on Web3. A private off-chain solution for participants to vote without revealing their identity or preference in blockchain governance.. Participate in the Automata Network Airdrop (ATA)


Smart Contract  0xa2120b9e674d3fc3875f415a7df52e382f141225

Find ATA on Uniswap – Etherscan (ERC20)


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Automata Network (ATA) makes the presentation of the Airdrop in Coinmarketcap and on November 20 the participation time will end. When the entire Airdrop process is finished, you will be able to know if you are one of the winners.


Precios y Gráficos Automata Network ( ATA )


Bunker Life Club does not invest in airdrops, it only claims them for free to later sell them at the market price. The profits are allocated to the liquidity of the Casini token.


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