At Bunker Life Club we say goodbye to Scams

Bunker life club is a Fan token launch pad for sports clubs

In this portal where you can find information, regulations, news about cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Bunker life club brings together an international community of expert lawyers in Blockchain and anti-fraud. We are the first members of the blockchain arbitration association in Spain. All the projects we develop are arbitrated by the BAS (Blockchain Arbitration Society)


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Bunker Life Club has brought together experienced Blockchain and cryptocurrency attorneys to create the most trusted international anti-scam community. We provide legal support in each of the following continents and countries.

Europe – Asia – America – Africa – Oceania

Spain – Estonia – Hong Kong – Argentina – Mexico – United Kingdom – Canada – Florida – Nigeria – Singapore – Japan

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Bunker Life Club Sponsor of CFB Ciutat de Valencia


Why create tokens in the incubator?

Creating a cryptocurrency is quite easy nowadays, you can do it on different sites that offer the service of creating cryptographic tokens. Bunker Life Club offers you the possibility to create tokens with our team. Partner with us for the token project you want to start. We put at your disposal extensive experience and all the necessary resources to get started right now

We are a group of associated companies established in Spain.

Nexxyo Labs – Blockchain Arbitration Society – Defi Bamboo and Bunker Life Club.



We carry out the audit

How are the benefits shared between the two parties?

Bunker Life Club is not an obstacle to creating projects, it does not earn high commissions. The commissions applied by Bunker Life Club are symbolic. We are a decentralized group of investors who support the veracity of projects and we want to be able to distinguish ourselves from SCAM projects with the quality seal of the Bunker Life Club.


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